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What is Dental Restoration?

Our teeth, which begin to grow from the first year of birth, stop growing after a particular period of time and one has got to live with that teeth until it lasts or falls and loses strength as one gets older. In a few extraordinary cases, accidents or other ailments can also cause tooth loss. The teeth play an important role in the body and health of a person because without the teeth one cannot chew or bite the food and pave the way for better consumption in the stomach.

If the teeth or any other tooth in the mouth is damaged because of tooth decay or some other issue, then a person, under normal circumstances, will be deprived of the advantages of the affected tooth and also could suffer the embarrassment caused by the problematic tooth.

Direct Restoration

Dental restoration can be simply done in two ways: direct restoration and indirect restoration. Indirect restoration, the filling material is used to inhibit additional damage to the affected tooth. The filler material used consist of amalgam, compounds, glass ionomers and resin ionomers. In this way, a soft fill of material is positioned inside the affected tooth and allowed to settle perpetually on the tooth.

Indirect Restoration

Under indirect restoration, methods such as crowns, inlays, bridges, and dentures are applied to resolve the problems in the teeth. In this way, a complex method is followed in which dental impressions are just taken and personalized treatment is provided to give permanent relief to the decayed tooth. Read more.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Restoration?

One resorts to dental restoration or to the filling of material in the damaged part of the mouth.

–  With this procedure, a person will not only get relief from the problems they face due to tooth decay but will also completely prevent the spread of tooth decay to other parts of the mouth, if left unattended.

–  As a corollary to the benefit mentioned above, this type of restoration assists to preserve and protect the structure of the remaining teeth in the mouth, since the spread of caries or other problems has been stopped.

–  After dental restoration, the problems in eating or chewing that worried you before dental restoration will get eradicated and your teeth will function typically.

–  Before the restoration, the problems you faced with tooth decay, especially regarding oral hygiene, will be resolved and this will result in better oral hygiene care.

–  The most important advantage of dental restoration is that it will aid restore the ordinary functioning of the teeth. The entrance of the teeth can be restored to normal. One more important feature of dental restoration is the life of the teeth after dental restoration will not be affected.

With the restoration techniques currently so readily available, people can enjoy the confidence of a beautiful smile that once was just possible for the rich and famous. For those who suffer from low self-esteem because of stained or damaged teeth, dental restoration can provide permanent relief and renewed confidence.

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